Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 2 - At the Sea ; North of Cuba

Now we are sailing the 535 nautical mile (615 Miles/990 km) towards Cozumel in Mexico. 
We sailed most of the day along the north coast of Cuba.
After breakfast, we sat on our balcony and read. Before lunch we went in fittness.
Lunch in OceanView cafe where you as a Dane can sit outdoor and enjoy the good weather while many people prefer to stay indoors in the air conditioned cafe. After lunch we again were sitting on our balcony and got some sun and a cafe latte with a nice view over the very calm sea.

Today was the 'formal' night - changing to levening dress and tuxedo before dining in the restaurant. A nice dinner with salad, entrecote and fruit for dessert. After dinner, a glass of wine at the bar.
However, Formal night is now 'Evening Chic' - a modern luxury reboot, intended to be less dressy than formal - in my mind much less formal - I might be a bit 'old fashion cruising' who prefer the 'real' formal nights.
Main Restautant
Centrum of the ship
A nice day at the pool deck

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