Friday, February 26, 2016

Day 5 - Puerto Limón, Costa Rica

This morning we arrived at Puerto Limon in Costa Rica.
After breakfast we went on a tour by bus, train and boat.
First we visited a Del Monde banana plantation - interesting to watch bananas from plants to packing.(see video above)
Banana bunches are wrapped in  blue 
plastic when hung on the plant to protect against contamination and insects.

Then we drove with a narrow-gauge railway through the rainforest and along the coast - the track was originally built to carry cacao from the highlands to the port.(Also video above)
After the train we sailed on the canals in the rainforest. On the trip we saw sloths, birds (pictures below) and monkeys.
Back in Puerto Limon we took a walk up the city - including to find a net cafe.

Just outside the terminal next to Parque Vargas we found Cruccero Coffee Shop with a good wi-fi for Facetime/Skype.
We ate the evening in the main restaurant and got a glass of wine before bed time.

Puerto Limón, Costa Rica
Puerto Limón, commonly known as Limón  is the capital city and main hub of Limón province, as well as of the cantón (county) of Limón in Costa Rica. It is the second-largest city in Costa Rica after the capital, Part of the community traces its roots to Italian, Jamaican and Chinese laborers who worked on a late nineteenth-century railroad project that connected San José to Puerto Limón. Until 1948, the Costa Rican government did not recognize Afro-Caribbean people as citizens and restricted their movement outside Limón province. As a result of this "travel ban", this Afro-Caribbean population became firmly established in the region, which influenced the decision to not move even after it was legally permitted. The Afro-Caribbean community speaks Spanish and Limonese Creole, a creole of English.
Banana Plantation (Del Monte)
'Banana Train'
two toes sloth

Narrow Gauge Railway 
Tourist train
blue heron

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