Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 8 - Cartagena , Colombia

We woke up to a very, very hot day in Cartagena. Already at 8 am we had to avoid the sun.
The temperature in the shade was 32-35 degrees c.
Breakfast we ate in the shade on the aft deck. We got the day to go with a little trip to the shopping area at the terminal,
How we tried us with an internet home but it was pretty bad.
Otherwise we set out to read in the shade on the sun deck and went around the ship.

We also vent down to the Suvenier shop at the cruise terminal where there was a wi-fi area, however the network was quite slow and we barley managed to get a desent connection home.
In the late afternoon we sat on our balcony, got a cup of coffee and followed the exit from Cartagena, where there are very narrow circumstances when a big ship to turn.
Now we have set a course due north towards Grand Cayman.


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