Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 9 - At sea

We are heading north - 640 nautical miles (1.190 km) from Cartagena to Grand Cayman.
After breakfast in the Oceanview Cafe we went for a walk round the ship and enjoyed the sun.
The coffee on our balcony, where we read and knitted (pictured).
After lunch we photographed (some pictures below) - so it was again Coffee time on the balcony.
At the back of the ship is a glass workshop - here we went up and saw that they made glass art before we found two lounge chairs on the upper sun deck where the sun was no longer as strong and also there was a nice breeze.
Before dinner we sat at the Sunset Bar aft and enjoyed the view of the sea
It was 'formal evening' - as in the bath and with the long dress and tux before it was time for dinner.

Shops at deck 4

Sushi at aft deck in Oceanview cafe
Equinox theatre

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