Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 10 - George Town, Grand Cayman

We arrived in George Town on Grand Cayman at 7 am. There are no major port in the city, so the ships anchored in the bay next to George Town (pictured top).
Today there was a total of 5 ships. After lunch we had with tender (a boat sailing between the port and the ship in the picture to the left) into town. Some cruise ships are using their life boat tenders. Celebrity did use bigger local tender boats with a capacity of 350 passengers. They do have much higher capacity and the tender process was very smooth with limited wait time.

Not much more than waterfront and so many people from 5 ships. We found Southwest Collection Cafe had an excellent internet. So we made the contact with the outside world, while we gotk a cafe latte. We walked around the town and then to the shops - mainly jewelry and watches, and visited the fish market where the day's catch of primarily redsnapper had just landed (pictures below).
Back on the ship we had lunch and sat in the afternoon on the balcony, reading and knitting.

Video: Tendering in George Town, Grand Cayman.

Southwest Collection Cafe
Excellent restaurant with good wi-fi located at first floor in Harbour Place in South Church Street.South West Collective cafe/bar is the perfect island hub to meet and mingle, and to wash down one of their delicious bar bites . Also homemade sangria or a house-made cocktail on tap! 
We got a cafe latte and a small bite when using the internet. 
Excellent quality for FaceTime/Skype.

George Town,  Grand Cayman
George Town, at the southwest "knuckle" of Grand Cayman, is the capital of the Cayman Islands and its largest city. Grand Cayman's Seven Mile beach, on the west coast north of George Town, is one of the finest beaches in the world.
There is a small walkable area of shops around the George Town harbor. Seven Mile beach is not within walking distance of the harbor cruise docks.

Below the photos of Grand Cayman - remember to click on the picture to enlarge

Tender from Ship to the town
Inside Tender
Traffic in the bay
Fish market

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